4th of July Parade

For those planning to join us in the July 4th parade: 

next Thursday the 4th at 2:00pm. Participants should plan to arrive by 1:15pm to be placed in marching order.  PLEASE BRING WATER TO STAY HYDRATED.  We do not know where we will be placed in line, that information isn't given until we check in on the day of.
Remember, please bring as many American Flags (large if possible) and Unit Flags as you can.  I will reattach the flag holder plans to this email.  Also, I am attaching specific instructions from Downtown Lexington concerning parking and check-in.

Right now I have the following attending, please let me know if I have missed anyone:
Pack 1222 = 3
Pack 40 = 12
Pack 98=11
Pack 221 = 3
Pack 34 = 20
Pack 73 = ?

Notes from Downtown Lexington:


 Parking for participant personal vehicles will be reserved in the Lexington Herald-Leader front parking lot. The best way to access this lot will be from Main Street to Indiana Avenue. Do not try to access the lot via Midland as Midland Avenue will be closed to vehicles that are not in the parade. Parade participants may also park on East Short Street, East Second Street, and Corral Street.

 Parking for horse trailers will be reserved on Eastern Ave. between Short Street and Corral Street. Horses may rest in the park at the corner of Short and Eastern (across from Thoroughbred Park) until they move to Midland Ave. All horse entries must provide clean-up.


Upon arriving for the parade, the primary group contact must check in with the DLC registration coordinator.

ONLY the primary group contact will be accepted for official check-in.

The primary group contact will receive the group’s line-up number and a Parade Marshal will then direct the group to their place in the line-up along Midland Avenue.


The staging area for the Parade will be on Midland Avenue between Main Street and Winchester Road. All parade vehicles should enter Midland Avenue from Winchester Road in order to be headed in the right direction.

Vehicles not in the parade, other than band buses, will not be allowed on Midland Avenue to drop people off. ONLY

PARADE UNITS will be permitted on Midland Avenue. Entries should remain in the staging location until directed to move by a Parade Marshal.

When moving in the parade, please maintain a steady rate of speed. The parade officially begins at the intersection of Main Street and Midland Avenue and continues West on Main Street to Mill Street. The parade will disperse at Mill Street.

The review stand will be located on Main Street in front of the Fifth Third Bank Pavilion. Dance, baton, gymnastics, cheer and pom squad entries may perform a quick routine (no more than 30 seconds) in front of

the review stand. ABSOLUTELY NO STUNTS ARE ALLOWED. (No jumps, flips, somersaults or assisted lifts). Any group violating this rule will be banned from future parades.


At the conclusion of the parade (Main St. and Mill) pedestrians and any people riding on a float may exit their formation; pedestrians need to move to the sidewalk in order to clear the streets.

All vehicles or float entries should immediately exit the parade so the parade does not come to a stop behind your float. PLEASE PLAN IN ADVANCE WHICH ROUTE YOU WILL FOLLOW.

Vehicles and floats must choose one of the following routes to exit Downtown:

 To Return to Midland Ave: Turn left on Mill St, and left on Vine Street

To go South: Turn left on Mill St

To go North: Turn right on Mill St

To go West: Turn left on Mill Street. Cross over Vine Street. At the top of the hill turn right on High
Street and continue to Versailles Road.

To remain in Downtown: Vehicles may be parked in any of the local public parking lots for the posted rates. (See parking map at www.lexpark.org.)

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