March 27, 2012

Congratulations Den 3 on your Crossover into Boy Scouts and earning of the Arrow of Light!
We are so proud of you.

NO Preregistration Tonight!

Due to the weather, there will be no preregistration at the Scout house tonight! 

Pinewood Derby Tomorrow

Are you ready to START YOUR ENGINES?!

Our annual Blue and Gold Banquet and Pinewood Derby is coming up tomorrow!  We will be at Rosemont Baptist Church Saturday, March 3rd at 2:00 where we will eat first, then race our cars.  We need each family to contribute a soup or chili, sandwiches or dessert.

You can weigh in your cars at 6:00 at the Scout house tonight, Friday, or tomorrow before the race. 

See you there!

Pinewood Derby Rules 
  1. Cars Must be built from Official Boy Scout Kit Only.
  2. Cars may not weigh more than 5 oz. (141.7 grams)
  3. Cars may be up to 7 inches long.
  4. Cars must be a maximum of 2.75 inches wide. 
  5. Cars must have at least 3/8 inch clearance between track and bottom of car.
  6. Cars must also have at least 1.75 inch distance between wheels.
  7. Wheels and axles must be Official Boy Scout Only.
  8. Wheels may be trued -up but must remain flat across the tread.
  9. Axles may be polished.
  10. No bearings or washers are permitted.
  11. Wheelbase must remain stock.  The axles may not be moved closer or farther apart.
  12. Any parts not supplied with the Official Kit are considered weight only.  All weight must be glued, nailed, or screwed to car.  No movable materials are permitted.
  13. Any parts that fall off during competition will not be replaced except wheels if they can be easily put back on by race official.
  14. Only dry graphite lubrication can be used.
  15. Once car is registered, ONLY race Officials can handle.  Any outside handling will disqualify the car from competition.