December 2, 2011

Great Service Project.... this Saturday, December 3rd

We meet at the front doors of the school on the first Saturday of every month during the school year.   We supply each boy with gloves and a trash bag and then we all collect any garbage found on the school grounds.
Somewhere on the grounds will be a hidden Golden Egg!  The finder of the Egg wins a toy/prize from the Prize Bag.  There will also be refreshments...  hot chocolate w/marshmallows!

This activity is elective but we do request that each boy participate at least twice each year. Some faithful cleaners are there every month, and I thank them for their effort and dedication!

The Cleanup is a wonderful opportunity for Cub Scouts to give back to the school and it qualifies as community service time that can be applied to a Belt Loop or Pin achievement that a Scout may be working on.

Hope to see you Saturday morning,
Rob Pollock
The Slop Cop

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